Michael Lin (07.02.2024)

Another amazing date with Vero. She is responsive to my messages and booking a date was easy! When I greeted her at my hotel, she ran to me like long time friends/lovers. she gives one of the best GFEs! She is easy to get along with and is very smart and athletic. Her pictures are accurate and the other reviews describe her perfectly. So we spent a few days together in the city and I didn't get tired of her or bored. She is very entertaining and multifaceted. We went to 2 Michelin starred restaurants and a Gentlemen's club! She even got on stage and did a pole dancing routine! I received compliments from the workers there as well as the other patrons!

They were jealous that I had a "girlfriend" willing to accompany me AND perform publicly. I enjoyed the show and compliments! She also came with me to an opera which she thoroughly enjoyed. Additionally, I booked another escort and Vero worked well with the other woman. She even helped me book the other lady by messaging her in another language! I felt so euphoric throughout this meeting and I wished it never ended. On a scale 1-10, I give Vero a 20! She is worth every penny and deserves many more. Hope to see you again Vero!

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Animal (08.12.2023)

This review has been long overdue! I met Vero for 24 hours for the third time because she gives great GFE service , it was as though she was my long time lover. It is so invigorating to be with her because she is young and full of energy! I will consolidate my experiences with her in this one review. So allow me to elaborate on her great looks and personality. First her physique is incredible. She is skinny, fit, but does not have a meager body like other girls. She is toned because of her pole dancing hobby and she has a nice bottom that compliments her whole look.

In the hotel room, I vividly remember her slow, sensual dancing to the music, rhythmically moving with precision, that I became aroused. Her eagerness to satisfy me made me feel like a king. Her kisses are deep and passionate, it's as if she was trying to make up for lost time between long lovers Since we meet for a full day, I always ask her opinion and suggestions on activities and restaurants. She sends me different options and I would create an itinerary for our date! We've eaten at nice restaurants, done different activites, and ambled through the city. I highly recommend Vero for any occasion!

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Andrew (09.11.2023)

She is exquisite! We met in 2022 had several meeting in last 1,5 year. I highly recommended Veronika. She is to good to be escort. Believe me. Guys who in Kyiv now, go for it. She is very very good in any way you would like to enjoy her.

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Gbarish (24.07.2023)

Another great meeting with Vero! She is very versatile and can adapt to any environment and situation. When we met, she wore a beautiful summer dress that really suited her and her blue eyes! For dinner, she wore a very nice red evening dress that caught the attention of every person in the restaurant... from the restaurant workers to the other restaurant patrons. I enjoyed this attention and made me feel like a celebrity. She's very stylish and elegant! You can take her to fancy formal restaurants or to lively bars and clubs where she will dance the night away. She is a very attentive woman and listens very well. She brought and wore lingerie that i had given to her in previously, and she remembered information i told her about me.

She is intelligent and gives great advice on many topics. She even helped me realize how people's upbringing can affect their personality and that i shouldn't take things personally. This was a shorter meeting than usual, but I enjoyed every minute with her. In Germany, we analyze the performance to price ratio, and with Vero her performance to her price is one of the best. She even stayed a little bit extra after our agreed time, to ensure I have company before I flew out to the airport. She understood that i would've stayed alone at the airport, so she stayed with me for as long as she could. This is the type of service that you don't get from other people! Overall everything was fabulous and she looked flawless and her service was impeccable! I highly recommend her to any respectful person!

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Andrew (29.06.2023)

It was my 6th date with Veronika, in past 12 months. And I must say she is truly perfect companion. She is pretty very smart young lady. Veronika is full of life energy, always with a positive vibe. Having also dates with other ladies, in Kyiv I am 100 confident Veronika is by far 1. I definitely would recommend Veronika for any date format, whether its few hours stay in your room, or prolong day or two gfe. She is for sure very beyond of industry standard in how she communicate, appear how you can build your relations co-operation for longer periods.

You can always expect top level of honesty, truth worthy commitment. What I like the most, is that Veronika will make you feel in a center of event, while she always perform as genuine personality. She truly love men attention enjoys a moments of intimacy. You can also expect full dedication in preparations to your meetings, including very deep details - cloths, make-up, hairstyle, etc. Yet, she is always appear as she is. If some style,or role-mode doesnt work for her, she would feel uncomfortable in any kind - she will always tell you it openly. I also would like to emphasis Veronikas ideal balance in term of very warm easy going conversation ladys chic.

She is a kind of person, you are comfortable to have a 1 pizza as well as 500 bottle of champagne. She is truly elite in that way very very empathic personality. I had never feel myself so naturally comfortable with other escort ladies as i felt with Veronika. You also can expect, that your relations will develop over time, if you plan to have not only one timer interaction. The more we met, the smoother it goes. Yet in case you have plans for only one time affair, she would still be perfect choice for that. Finally i would also mark Veronikas dedication to safety in terms of hygiene you can also absolutely relay on her in all kind privacy aspects.

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brownie (08.06.2023)

My third time meeting this angel and i am addicted! Her amazing personality and beauty just keeps bringing me back to her. I had an amazing time with her like always and i can't wait until she comes back.

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Racer (29.05.2023)

Whenever I want to have companionship for a 24 hours, Vero is one of the top my list. Vero and I met for two nights and it was an amazing time. I saw on her ad that she was in Warsaw and I asked if she could meet me in Wroclaw in 5 days. She agreed and we started planning our date. One of the best things about her is that she responded to all my inquiries/questions very quickly. There are other ladies out there that would not reapond to my messages for hours and even days, leaving me wondering if I should book another escort.

She researched restaurants and activities and gave me several options to choose from. Every thing she suggested and tried, I loved. We ate at scenic restaurants and restaurants that had a lively good vibe . She is amazing in the room and gave me great pleasure even when I thought I didn't want it. When I did want pleasure, she happily obliged and it felt very incredible. She is an intelligent woman that speaks English very well . She is a great storyteller and is knowledgeable of many different subjects. She also listens very well. I made plans to have dinner with friends with her in Wroclaw and she created theee different storylines of how we met, that I could tell my friends.

This helped me less stress of intrducing her to my friends. This is what makes her stand out from the rest. She really does give a great GFE. She is an intelligent woman that speaks English very well . She is a great storyteller and is knowledgeable of many different subjects. She also listens very well. Djakyu Vero for a great weekend. Hope to see you again soon!

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Chief Chef (22.05.2023)

Where do I begin? Vero is one of the best at what she does... definitely my top 5 if not the top! I met her less than a year ago and I've progressively extended our dates each time because I cannot get enough of her companionship! We initially agreed for 48 hours, but I couldn't get enough, so I asked for another day, which she obliged. It was my birthday celebration and I decided to spend time with Vero, because I knew from past experiences with her, I would not regret it. She has a nice fit natural body and she dresses very well, sexy but subtle. Her bubbly personality ensures there is never a dull time with her.

This is the longest meeting I've had with an escort, and I thought we would be tired of each other or be bored of each other. However, Vero is an intelligent woman and can hold a great conversation. She even taught me a few things about nutrition and how I can improve my overall health! She has a sense of humor and we joke a lot with each other, which is a great thing to do to help me relax. She never rushes our time so it always seems so natural GFE. It's our fourth meeting and she remembers things I like and don't like, which makes it a great experience for me. In the room, she takes her time, and not mechanical or scripted like other ladies. She ensures that I am enjoying my time and makes me feel at ease. I will definitely want to meet her again... maybe for a full month next time.

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Robert (08.04.2023)

Veronika is an extremely beautiful, intelligent and easy going person. For the initial meeting I invited her for vining and dining and overnight stay afterwards. She is a very sophisticated and educated woman, speaks good English. I was so impressed with her that I invited her to spend another 24 with me the next day. I am strongly considering her as a companion for my upcoming summer vacation.

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Drew Chair (11.03.2023)

She is the perfect companion! This was the third time I met her and each time I would spend more time with her and it gets better each time! It went from 2 hours, 3 hours and then 24 hours. Each time, I felt that it was never enough time! She has a very fun, enjoyable, and bubbly personality! We did everything I planned for the date and she never seemed bored or looked at the clock. Overall, she gave a very great GFE! For the times we spent together, I truly felt we were dating and each time it ends, I start thinking of the next time I can meet her. If you're looking for an unforgettable and quality date, I highly recommend her... go to her website, read her rules and rates, make an appointment and show her the utmost respect she deserves

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Andrew (22.12.2022)

I met Veronika several times during 2022 in Kyiv. She is great open personality exceptional stunner. For sure my best ever escort experience. Veronika provides true gfe, from the first date. She is very intelligent, well-educated social. Despite it feels like gfe, Veronika continue to perform highly professional. She is extremely precise to your wishes on her overall appearance, style, make-up whats ever important for you. She could create totally personalized look behavioral pattern, be-like exactly how you need, not only what is showed on her photos in this profile. I was also surprised not only how well she followed my briefs but how she still remember my personal preferences after 4 months break between first second date. Much appreciated that, especially realizing I am not the only guy Veronika meet with.

During a meeting you feel her full dedication into process, no matter what format you will have classy-style romantic dating or crazy booze sex-party. I believed she is also enjoys the process, but even thou she might not, proves she is Oscar-awarded actress:-) as she for sure gave your level of emotional boost you expected. You also can expect highest level of safty responsibility of all kinds, incl. hygiene but also how she behaives with you on public, how you meet greet, wrap-up, etc. She will follow your rules 100.

Veronika is expected to be well-treated, personally for me it is a very good sign. Despite that she is not snobby at all! Veronika insists on good hotels (4-5stars) she is a perfect companion to share some fine wine vs 3 supermarket one, but again it goes very smooth this kind of her expectations make your meeting with her even more remarkable. Kind a day which you will remember. Ill meet Veronika again for sure can recommend her as a superb escort lady.

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brownie (30.10.2022)

My second time seeing this amazing, sexy girl and was not disappointed. Absolutely gorgeous and wonderful.

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KinkyIce (16.07.2022)

Where to start. A fantastic, vivid and outgoing girl. Pictures are accurate and she has a fantastic, petite body. Ive met her twice the week I was staying in Berlin, and I can say - if u want to be sure to get your money worth in this jungle of escorts with variating quality and genuinity Vero is it! I wholeheartedly recommend Vero Cheers, xXx

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lOurson (07.07.2022)

I already met Veronica last year. Once I knew that she is in Kyiv after a long break, I immediately booked two consecutive meetings with her. I wanted contrast, I wanted to try all shades of Veronica. On the first day I asked Veronica to be my romantic Girlfriend. On the second day I asked Veronica to be my kinky Mistress. Veronica fulfilled all my desires and scenarios in her creative treatment, making her cool and hot additions. So that every minute of those hours I felt like in a sexual heaven. Somewhere on the cloud near the white romantic angel Veronica. Somewhere on the cloud near the black kinky angel Veronica. Sometimes only tight and tender Veronica's butt cheeks, which I saw and felt, showed me that I was on the ground. In the earthly paradise that is always there, where Veronica is.

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lOurson (05.07.2022)

Math terms say us that I met Veronica already several times. Therefore, I can now definitely say that and that and that. That you can be tormented by your bosses and crawl to meet Veronica with one desire to finally relax. That you can fly to meet Veronica on propelled wings after you've spent a week figuring out a multilevel role-playing game. That you can come to a meeting with Veronica in any of your different states. In any case, you will get a pleasant company and a hot sex partner. Veronica creates an absolutely professional escort. Not only in terms of a technically executed elements. But in spirit of creating a mood, attention to details, creative grinding of your ideas. And of course, her unforgettable eyes and her flammable look! Veronica, I'll be back to you!

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Marvier (23.06.2022)

A blissful hour spent with Veronika is priceless. From the moment we met, she made me feel at ease and in heaven. Veronika is exactly as advertised, stunningly beautiful, and an expert practitioner. She is intelligent, a great conversationalist, and charming. My highest recommendation. Can't wait to see her again.

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Daniel (08.06.2022)

Veronika is wonderful and charming but not only for her beauty, her blue eyes, her incredible skin and her beautiful flexible body, she is incredible for her intelligence and her attitude and dedication. I have engraved on my skin her look, her kisses and her aroma, it has really been like being with a real girlfriend, the best choice. The memory of my experience with her will accompany me for a long time like a treasure.

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brownie (30.05.2022)

When i first saw her, i was immensely happy, this girl is one of the most beautiful that i have been with. She really made sure to satisfy my needs. What i liked the most was that she was easy to talk to, affectionate towards me and just a bombshell that i loved to be intimate with. Do recommend and will see her in the future again.

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Veronika is very pleasant and satisfying! I had a great time with her and looking forward meeting here again

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LOurson (15.12.2021)

Information and photos on the Veronica's page and her website are true. Booking process was comfortable. Veronica is a very beautiful, sporty and shapely young lady in real life. We had played a few sensual femdomination scenes. Veronica was amazing. I got an incredible pleasure from her image, her actions, her feminine beauty. The hours passed quickly and now I want to meet with Veronica again.

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LOurson (13.12.2021)

Veronica is the lively, cheerful, communicative girl. Even if quick knowing people isn't your strong suit, Veronica will melt your stiffness already in the initial moments of your meeting. You can have engaging talk to her on any topic in between hotter contacts. Tiny girls admirers will go slightly mad from her tender tits and tight butt cheeks. With Veronica I was able to realize my fantasies as a whole that have so far been sketchy. As a talented actress, she enthusiastically picks up and creatively develops your ideas. As a result, six hours with Veronica have just flown by. Now I dream to be back in Kiev and to meet again Veronica.

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Pitbull42 (22.10.2020)

A remarkable young lady. Intelligent, charming and breathtakingly beautiful. I had the pleasure of sharing my first ever paramour experience with Veronika. Many thanks to the other reviewers here who gave me the confidence to choose her. She has set the bar so high that rather than see someone else in the future, I will simply wait for the next opportunity to see Veronika again. That day can't come soon enough.

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petter (6.02.2020)

Met her again, I'm always worried that she will not be in Kiev. Easy to book always on time and fantastic service!

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Jamiemt (17.01.2020)

I organised a meeting with Veronika in Istanbul for a weekend break. Upon meeting Veronika at Istanbul airport, I immediately realized that I met a beautiful girl! Veronika offered me an unforgettable weekend; full of passion, and with every minute together Veronika made sure that I was enjoying myself. With the experience Veronika has got, she provided an unbelievable sexual weekend and a craving GFE (girl friend experience). Veronika has got the beauty, the care, the laughter, the gentleness, and most definitely the experience to give you the best sexual hour, day, night, and weekend ever!

Thank you Veronika for the greatest sexual and GFE weekend!
I look forward to seeing you again xx

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Johnny (25.08.2019)

I meet Veronika every time in Kiev. She provides real GF experience, feels like we are truly in love. Haven’t met as elegant, passionate and professional woman ever. She is always in time and supports all my desires... I’ll be back soon, wait for me ;)

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Ahti88 (6.12.2018)

Really professional girl, at the complete service of the client does everything to make you feel good. Smart girl perfectly understands what you need both sexually and emotionally! I hope I can meet you again as soon as possible. (pity only that has the extention! eheh :-P) G.

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petter (15.11.2018)

I just have to write a few words ,, she's just very lovely little and tight and the service is amazing, are you kind to her, she gives it back, I always meet her when I'm in Kiev

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Trompeta (19.09.2018)

Photos are real, she works out and does pole dancing for exercise, does not work in club. She is fantastic, beautiful and has a great, cheerful personality. Will do again.

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Marcel (1.05.2018)

Amazing Girl, that´s all what I can say about her...

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